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Language : English

Default language is US English, you can change it in Setting as well!!

Link Size : 91 Mb

AOL Desktop gold software size in 91 MB for both OS such as window and MAC.

License : Paid

AOL desktop software is paid. So, you can opt for monthly or yearly plans according to your pocket.

Developer : AOL

This AOL desktop Gold Software only develop by American organization ........

How to Get AOL Desktop Gold Link?

If you are a subscribed member of AOL Desktop Gold software, you may find a valid AOL Desktop Gold link either on your email OR product section of AOL. However, if you have searched at those places but couldn’t find the Desktop Gold link then, get going with the solutions below!

About - Desktop Gold Software

Steps to Download Desktop Gold Link

Here are the downloading steps of AOL Desktop Gold, do the steps:

AOL Desktop Gold Download

Create or Login AOL Account

If you have registered AOL account, login to follow step2. In case, you don’t have an AOL account, sign up for AOL account by following this link.

Buy AOL Membership

AOL subscribed members can straightway move to next step. However, if haven’t purchased AOL membership, go to mybenefits page and purchase desktop gold link membership.
If you are already an Advantage Plan member, you can get AOL Desktop Gold link without paying anything more.

Navigate to “My Products”

From your account navigate to my product sectionon the left side of page. Click on the Product box and see activated DesktopGold link in list of products (but with a condition that you have an activated AOL membership).

Get Desktop Gold Link from Confirmation Email

Click on “AOL Desktop gold link” and hit Download button to save 90 MBof AOL installer in your Computer.
AOL Desktop Gold trial users get confirmation email to use desktop gold link. If you are one of those users, simply open your email having title “Get started with Desktop Gold”. You may find AOL desktop gold link at the bottom.Click to start that process!

AOL Desktop Gold Download

However, already subscribed members of AOL Gold can download AOL Desktop link from:

Important: You get AOL Desktop Gold link for Windows and MAC operating system only.

You may even request for Callback

If you are unable to receive any call back from our end or we missed your call during business hours for AOL Gold repair. Then, you can request for the call back. You just need to fill the above form with your correct details and preferred time to contact!


Desktop Gold is one platform where you can do several activities such as chatting, listening to radio, news, watching TV, Movies And getting live weather updates and much more. Below we are mentioning some of the popular features.

AOL Desktop Gold Download

Chat Rooms

You can chit chat with your friend while using AOL. Just using AOL with your friends or anyone else whom you are interested to chat with, also join the chat rooms to make more friends.


Desktop gold is also providing the ultimate feature that is E-Mail, with the help of this you can send and receive emails, you can also import export emails to/from your computer.

Print Anything

If you need a hard copy of your email documents then print your emails and attachment from this software, you just need to give the print command and get a hard copy.

Unlimited Gaming

This is the only one platform where you can play games as well. You can enjoy games like Pogo, racing or puzzles etc. Move toward the gaming section and enjoy the new experience.

Smooth Browsing

The best thing about this software is that it has an inbuilt browser that helps to search the web with the power of Bing, Google, AOL search engine at the top.

Anti Key Logging

If you keep your information more secure then this powerful feature confirms that your data is safe by hiding the letters and characters you type while writing.

How can we help you with Desktop Gold link

If you need any help while fetching this app like Download, Install, Update, & Uninstall gold software. For you we are here to provide the one hand solution to your problem as well!! If you are facing issues with AOL Desktop Gold then, we provide the proper resolution of your problem and get back your system the same as previous.

Sometimes, you are unable to fix the issue using DIY solutions under each section below then, raise a ticket or call us directly. We help you resolve your issue asap.


Are you looking to download AOL Desktop Gold? Just follow the solution that we mentioned by clicking on the link.


Do you want to update your AOL Desktop Gold? / Unable to update AOL with the latest version, just click here and get the latest version for your Computer.


After downloading AOL desktop gold into your system, need the installation process. For this you can follow our guide how you can install..


Stuck with the AOL Desktop Gold problems? Just follow troubleshooting help with one single-click here and get the resolution of every AOL Gold error.


Just do the default browser setting of AOL Desktop Gold to increase the speed of AOL software; we have all types of ‘how-to guide’ here and get the accurate answer of your question.


If you are looking for support for AOL Desktop Gold? We are always here for you and we are happy to assist you!! Just chat with us or call us at a given toll-free number to get your AOL Gold resolution for AOL problems. mail.aol.com

Troubleshooting AOL Desktop Gold Problems

Try to find out the solution on the AOL Desktop Gold Software problems by these fixes. For the deep solution you need to review the troubleshooting guides to fixing software technical issues.

AOL Desktop Gold Download

Can’t Download Desktop Gold

Installing Error on AOL Desktop Gold

If you Screen shown AOL desktop gold software display installation failed error then, you need to try the below steps and resolve the issue in one way:

AOL Desktop Gold Download

Additional AOL Gold Errors - You May Face

Below is the list of Aol Desktop Gold problems you may face while using AOL desktop gold link. We already have fix for all user-reported AOL issues. Visit the troubleshooting section to get rid of all these issues.

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