AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104 – How to Troubleshoot

Facing AOL desktop gold error code 104?

Then, this blog is for you; Just go ahead and rectify the problem.

AOL Desktop is a remarkable piece of software. However, users may encounter some difficulties while using this software. Although, in most cases, mistakes with this software are not escaped. As a result, finding the best possible solution to the issue is critical.

Errors in the AOL Desktop Gold software have appeared for several reasons. However, correcting such dreadful blunders is simple. AOL Desktop Gold 104 error is another common issue that arises during the installation and updating of the software. 

On the other hand, this error arrives out of nowhere and continues to appear on the screen. It also makes it impossible for the user to install AOL Desktop Gold. As a result, the scenario irritates the users excessively. Let’s take a closer look at this blunder!

Reasons behind AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104

The following are the most common causes for a candidate to receive an error code. Below are some of the key reasons behind this error code.

1. First, it occurs due to the incomplete AOL Desktop Gold installation. 

2. Due to an AOL desktop corrupted file. 

3. Attack of a virus or malware in AOL Desktop Gold. 

4. Recent browsing or downloads may have corrupted the Windows registry. 

5. The system has a large number of garbage files. 

All these factors may cause you to get AOL desktop gold error 104. Moreover, you will need to follow a few measures to resolve this problem. Although, if you have a technical background, these methods will be easy to proceed. However, if you are unsure what the real cause behind this error is, you can connect with the experts to get guidance.

Solutions on AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104

The solution to AOL Desktop Gold problem 104 is simple. All you have to do now is follow the troubleshooting procedures below: 

Step 1: Reinstall to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104

1. Go to AOL Desktop Gold’s official website. 

2. On your computer, download AOL Gold software

3. Next, go to File Explorer and open the Download folder. 

4. Right-click Install AOL Desktop and select run from the drop-down menu. 

5. A new screen will appear, after which you must click the Install Now option.

Step 2: Restart or restart your computer

1. Before rebooting the machine, make sure you save the files. 

2. After that, restart your computer. 

3. Wait a while for your system to come back to life. 

4. The system’s internal memory has now been cleared

Step 3: AOL Desktop Gold should be repaired

1. Look for the Control Panel on your computer. 

2. Click the Programs option in the Control Panel box. 

3. Go to Programs and Features and look for AOL Gold. 

4. Right-click AOL Gold and select Repair or Change from the menu. 

5. To repair the Gold Desktop, keep following the on-screen directions. 

Step 4: Delete the Unwanted Files 

1. Press the Windows + R keys to bring up the Run dialogue box. 

2. Press Enter after typing cleanmgr. 

3. The Disk Cleanup window will appear.

4. Select the discs and folders from which you want to remove the junk files.

5. Finally, confirm the junk data eradication by clicking Yes.

Final Words

On the whole, these were the troubleshooting steps to resolve the AOL Desktop Gold error code 104. If you’ve tried the above four troubleshooting steps and still can’t fix AOL Desktop Gold error 104, you should contact our experts. It’s no surprise that contacting the professionals will lead you to the most dependable answer. Get help right away!

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