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AOL Desktop Gold download For Window 10, 7 and MAC. Choose Your Operating System to Start Download.

* To avoid being charged the recurring subscription fee, cancel before the free-trial period ends. Toll-Free +1844-539-9831.USA/Canada

download aol desktop gold

An Overview of Download AOL DESKTOP GOLD

AOL Desktop Gold Download for both operating systems such as Windows and MAC. Initially, you need to open a web browser to access any E-Mails as AOL Desktop Gold is an application which can be installed on a PC to access all the vital E-mail and other tasks as well!! You can discover the numerous versions of AOL Desktop Gold published, such as 7.0, 8.0, 9.0 etc. It’s totally free to download and install on Windows and PC. This desktop suite can help you get all your AOL accounts in one place then stop wasting your time in handling accounts using a web browser.

Here are the steps that you need to do to download AOL desktop for Windows. But before moving further to download steps first you need to complete the system requirements after that you can go for the download steps.

Steps to Download AOL Desktop Gold

System Requirements for Window OS:

You should complete the below requirements to Download AOL Desktop Gold on Window operating system.

Device Speed: 266 MHz or above

Space in RAM: 1024 MB (minimal)

Hard-disk space: 512 MB (minimal)

Standard Screen resolution: 1024 x 768

Operating system: Windows 7, or higher

Download Agent: Any Windows supporting web browser.

Internet connection: Wireless, broadband, or DSL.

download aol desktop gold

AOL Desktop Gold Download for Windows

If your computer or laptop completes all the above mentions; you can effort-freely Download and Install AOL Desktop Gold into your system. Call helpline number 844-539-9831

download aol desktop gold

Buying the Plan to Be a Membership of Desktop Gold

If you are a new member to the Desktop Gold Program, then you have to first buy the Desktop Gold membership. If you are confused about how to spend money on AOL for the first time then buy the trial membership after that you can directly go for Advanced Plan through your account.

AOL Desktop Gold for New User

Go through the guidelines step-wise noted underneath to get AOL Desktop Gold in the computer system: Create Desktop Gold Account

It is very important to already have an account if you are ready to purchase the Desktop Gold trial or advanced plan membership. In case, you don’t have one, create the account first using the provided link and then try to buy it.

Go to My Accounts

Secondly, you need to steer to the “My Account” section. To do this step, first you will have to log in to your email account and then go to “My Accounts” >>Services>>Subscription>>Get Started to buy the Desktop Gold membership.

Make Payment

When you click on Try it for 30 days or Buy Advanced Plan, you’ll be redirected to the credit card details page. You need to provide your activated card details they have asked whatever for and make the payment by walking through the online instructions.

Important: Once payment is processed, do not refresh or open any other tab; otherwise, your payment process will get interrupted and show the pending message. For any query call Toll Free 844-539-9831

System Requirements for MAC OS

For the Mac system, check-out for the following requirements in your device pocket.

Device Speed:

You need RAM Space: At least 1 GB RAM.


Processor: 266 MHz (minimal).


Internet connection: Wireless or broadband.

Device Memory:

Hard-disk space: 0.5 GB (minimal).

Screen Resolution:

Standard Screen for MAC OS: 800×600 (standard but may vary).

Download Agent:

Main Downloading Agent: Any Mac supporting web browser.

download aol desktop gold

Download AOL Desktop Gold on Mac

After moving further to the download process, you have to complete the system requirements that we mentioned above

To get AOL Desktop Gold Download on your Mac device with very simple steps, follow the below-mentioned guidelines: .

download aol desktop gold

Buy Desktop Gold Trial or Advanced Plan Membership

If you are a new member on your AOL Desktop Gold software, just create the account first. After that, you have to enter the login credentials of such an account to access the My Account page.

Once login process is done then, click on the “Services” tab, go to the “Subscription” option and then click on the “Trial or Advanced plan” button

Make Card Payment Directly

Once the above part is done after that, you will be redirected to the payment page where you have been asked to enter the specifics of your credit card. After giving the wanted information, make payment frequently. Important- Provide real personal and card details.

Download Desktop Gold on Mac

When the payment is done after that, you have to enter My Benefits>>>>> All Products and search for the desktop gold software link to get the installer folder on your system. Now, you have to double-click on the Desktop Gold installer file to run the application. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to finally Install AOL Desktop Gold on your Mac.

Finish the process.

Once the download process is completed click on the continue dialogue box to run the process. Install AOL Desktop Gold on MAC to finish the setup. Call Toll free 844-539-9831

Steps to Download AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold Download Steps for those who already having Advanced Plan Membership

If anyone already has advanced plan membership, then you can directly go through the instructions noted below in a way to effectively Download AOL Desktop Gold:.
Important: To avoid recurring payments remove your credit card and debit card information from account.

Login AOL Desktop Gold Email Account

Initially, you need to open any web-browser on Windows desktop and go to the desktop gold official login page to sign-in to your account. Now, you have to provide your authenticated login credentials like your user id and password.

Go To My Benefits Page

Once the above step is done after that you should visit the ‘My benefits’ page, go to All Products>>>> and then scroll down to find the Desktop Gold program.

Download AOL Desktop Gold

Now, you have to just click on the “Download Desktop Gold” button to acquire the installer of 91 MB into your system.

download aol desktop gold

Get Desktop Gold Software

Via AOL Signup Confirmation Email

Ensure that you already have completed all the basics steps for getting the confirmation email. After the confirmation you must have an AOL account and opt for a free trial.

download aol desktop gold

Download AOL Software

If you have trial AOL Subscription plan

If you have already tried the trial subscription plan of AOL Desktop Gold then, you can also enjoy all benefits of AOL desktop Gold software for next thirty days after that, you have to purchase the software.

download aol desktop gold

Login & Locate Subscribe Section.

If you are a trial plan holder then,. Sign-in to your account via my accounts page. Now, open the Subscription or services option.

Start Download

Locate the Desktop Gold Icon and click on get started option. When you have clicked the AOL desktop gold version will start downloading on your device automatically.

Locate File

Once the AOL Gold download is finished then find the downloaded file into your device. After that, do it by simply going to the download folder and search for Desktop-Gold.

Finish the Process

Once the file is located then save it into the desired location, so that you can install it any time when you need.


Desktop Gold link is your one stop software for needs links chatting, listing radio, news, watching TV, Movies And getting live weather updates and much more.Here are some of the popular features.

AOL Desktop Gold Download

Safety And Security

AOL desktop gold’s premium version comes with premium levels of security features to allow you a complete 360 degrees safety mode.

Ease of Use

Just go to the premium security tab on the setting window and select or deselect the features you want to use or turn off.

Anti Keylogging

AOLesktop gold comes with random alpha numeric characters appearing on the top right of your screen disguises content you typing.

Phishing Alerts

AOL desktop gold’s premium version comes with premium levels of security features to allow you a complete 360 degrees safety mode.

Screenshot Capturing

Desktop gold comes with advanced level of safety by disabling devices to capture screenshot. However you can uncheck this option.

TV On The Go

One of the unique features of desktop gold is the presence of media player with local podcasts and TVs on the go anytime you need.

Download Desktop Gold Program for Different OS

Desktop gold is one of the most user-friendly and conveniently downloaded internet suits. The downloading and installation process has become even more accessible with advanced bug fixes. Here is a brief guide on the varying operating systems of AOL desktop gold download windows. For any query, call toll free at 844-539-9831

Download AOL Desktop Gold On Windows 7

Having Windows 7 Operating system? Looking to download AOL desktop gold software for windows 7? Follow this guide.

Note:- In case you are a new user looking to download AOL Desktop Gold on Windows 7 OS, either Purchase Subscription or opt for free trial email. (Steps are already given above)

download aol desktop gold

Steps to download desktop gold version for Windows 10

Windows 10 is latest Version of Windows OS and it is by far is most popular version of Gold Software.Downloading AOL Desktop Gold on Windows 7 is super, All you need to do is to keep your system in line with requirements and have a up to date windows 10 OS. Steps are given below.

download aol desktop gold

Steps to download AOL desktop gold in Windows 8

Windows 8 is best known for its performance and this software run very smoothly on this Windows Operating system. Steps to download AOL Gold on windows 8 are very simple….

download aol desktop gold

FIX AOL Desktop Gold Issues

Although known to be one of most users friendly and bug-free software of all time, this software still bothers some of its users. This implies Desktop Gold isn’t free from technical glitches as well. Here’s a brief take on some of the most commonly faced issues during AOL software download. For complete guides visit troubleshoot AOL desktop gold page Toll Free Number : 844-539-9831

download aol desktop gold

Cannot login to AOL Desktop Gold

In this case you would read error messages Blerk, GAH, Zoids etc. Or sometimes blank screen appears after entering login credentials. To troubleshoot :

AOL gold installation failed

If gold installation got failed you may encounter error like 104 and to troubleshoot this you must have your account ready. Below are the steps

download aol desktop gold

AOL Desktop Gold Download failed

In case amidst AOL download gold the screen suddenly freezes it indicates that you are experiencing a download error. The steps to troubleshoot are :

AOL Desktop Gold Re-installation Failed

In case it’s a new pc where reinstalling has failed follow the given ste

Issues you may face with desktop gold

Below are list of issues you may face while downloading or using desktop gold. We already have fix for all those issues. All you need to do is to explore our troubleshooting section or call us. Here’s a brief take on some of the most commonly faced issues during AOL software download. Call Toll-Free Number 844-539-9831

What Are You Waiting For?

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Desktop Gold FAQs

Below is the list of question users ask or must know. However if you any other question then contact us directly via live chat.

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