How To Install AOL Desktop Gold Software?

Learn to install AOL Desktop Gold for Windows 7, 8, 10 & MAC. Know how to clean Uninstall Gold Software with re-installation Guides.
Install AOL Desktop Gold on your windows PC or MAC System. Login with valid credentials. And start using AOL gold application to chat with your friends, browser internet, watch news videos, see latest weather updates, and listen to your fev radio station and so on.
With all nowdesktop Gold you get 360 degrees web protection.
AOL Desktop Gold can be installed on windows PC, i.e. Windows, 7, 8, 10, Vista Etc You can install Desktop Gold on MAC OS also. AOL Desktop Gold is premium software with monthly cost 4.99, with size of 90+ MB

Requirements to Install AOL Desktop Gold Software

Before moving ahead to download and install the AOL on your system, you must need to understand the basic system requirements first, so that the latest AOL Gold software can be easily downloaded and installed into your system.
Important: Your steps to install AOL Desktop Gold for Windows and MAC are different. Therefore, to follow the right AOL Gold install steps, check out the solution below.

System Requirement To Install AOL Desktop Gold

Process for Installation AOL Desktop Gold

Generally, AOL Desktop Gold is only available for PRO members. There’s no doubt that every small amount of money you spend will result in many advantages. You should have a license for this software to install, if you’re already their PRO member, there’s no need to pay for it.

The installation process is too straightforward. It’s not very tough, this is also like how we install any other software. Before installation keep in mind that you should download this software from the official AOL mail website. Downloading AOL desktop Gold from 3rd party sites is not beneficial for you!!

Steps to Install Desktop AOL Gold Do the following!!!

If an AOL Desktop Gold user has installed the AOL gold on the desktop screen then, it is easy to start with the installation. You should navigate the folder where they installed the application to move it to an effortlessly available location.

After that, you have to double-click on the desktop gold to install the filter, tap the run button to give permission for software to install on the device. If users want to integrate the old mail or other Desktop Gold data into their new Desktop Gold program, they must first click on the import button.

Now, you may check a file which imports saved data on your device. It may ask you to permit them to sample the process. You can see a file of imported data saved on your device. It also asks you to allow the process to complete after this. You can proceed with the process of Downloading AOL Desktop Gold software time of the process; you have to enter all important login credentials asked for the verification.

Once the above steps are done after that you should follow the on-screen instructions to proceed the Desktop Gold install process. Now users get the message for finishing the installation. Its message arises on the home screen.

Steps To Install AOL Desktop Gold On MAC

Installing AOL Desktop Gold on MAC is slightly different from Windows.Follow the instructions given below to install AOL Gold on MAC OS. Note: Most importantly, keep your operating system updated and make sure you meet all system requirements given below.

Find downloaded AOL Gold desktop file on system:

Click on the Finder at the bottom left of your screen (the leftmost icon in the Dock). Go to Downloads folder under Favorites. Alternatively, the right side of the dock has its own Downloads option (i.e., at the immediate left of Trash icon). Tap on Downloads icon to open up a menu of all the items you’ve recently downloaded.And locate file named “Install_AOL_Desktop”.

Initiate Installation Task:

Click on “Install_AOL_Desktop” to start the installation process. On prompt box of Install AOL Desktop Mac, click on ‘Continue.’

Keep going with Installation job:

On the information and license agreement page, click ‘Continue’ button again. Next, click on ‘Agree’ to install AOL desktop software for windows 10, 8, or 7 and confirm the process by clicking on ‘Install’ button.

Finish the AOL install

Once the installation finishes,provide your active username, password and close the box. Wait for a while for the AOL installation to complete. After which, you must restart your computer immediately.

Launch AOL Gold Software

After computer restarts- you must open the software to launch desktop gold. You may see your MAC dock and click on Gold application. If you can’t find desktop gold icon, go to Mac application Launchpad and it will list all the application. Simply, find software and double-click to launch AOL Gold.

Use & Fix AOL Gold Desktop:

After reaching the final step,if you cannot install Desktop Gold to your Mac or if you get stuck like Aol desktop gold won’t open at any step (due to some technical glitches or complication),call us.

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Uninstall AOL Desktop Gold

This Section will help you, if you have to uninstall AOL Desktop Gold or fix the issue that you face during AOL Gold installation. We have 100% working solution for each.Just make sure your PC or MAC meet the above-specified system requirements! We will also recommend you to update AOL desktop gold and device OS. If you are bothered during any of these steps, simply ask experts for solution.
You may now explore the below sections as per your problem…

Open Control Panel

On your Windows Start menu, search for Control panel. Alternatively, you can find control panel at the top row of file explorer.

Find Desktop Gold File

Next, under control panel, click on Program files to open a list of installed applications. In the catalog, you will find installed AOL Desktop Gold program.

Initiate AOL Desktop Gold Uninstall

Right-click on AOL Desktop Gold file and choose Uninstall option. A Windows prompt will ask you to select complete uninstall and click Next. These steps will uninstall your desktop Gold software from Windows.

Unable to Install AOL Desktop Gold

If you are still facing any problem while installing AOL, there might be a technical error or network problem.
To find out, which one is stopping you from getting AOL Gold on your device, please read below-mentioned reasonsfor installation errors:
You may nowexplore the below sections as per your problem…

System requirements:

Desktop Gold isn’t compatible with Windows versions earlier than Microsoft Windows 7. Therefore, to make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements, please check the specifications listed above (in first section).

No Computer Restart:

If you haven’t rebooted your computer recently, we recommend that you restart your device. As, this will help you clear the internal memory (RAM), which often resolves many issues.

Inactive Anti-Virus Software:

Install, activate, and run anti-virus software on your system in order to scan the corrupt files. In case, your system has any virus or malware then, delete that file and remove the virus.

Check damaged drivers or files:

Sometimes, your system installs damaged or corrupt driver without informing or seeking permission. In such a case, you need to delete and re-install the drivers.

Partial or No Clean boot:

Press the ‘Start’ button and search for ‘msconfig’ to open system configuration window. Next, go to the Service tab in the opened window and tick mark all the boxes next to ‘Hide all Microsoft Services’ and choose to disable all services. Now, press Ctrl+ Shift +Esc to open Task Manager and go to the Startup tab. Finally, disable all the items and restart your computer to save the updated changes.

Important: In case, you plan to plan for a simple reboot, chances are high that you won’t be able to download and install AOL Desktop Gold.

Other Error You May Face During Desktop Gold Installation

AOL Gold Desktop software is one-stop solution with numerous services. It provides a deluge of benefitsbut sometimes users encounter certain errors,which continuously appears on computer screen and prevent AOL Desktop Gold software to install. For instance, error 104 displays on the screenand crashes all the running programs on your system.To find details of AOL 104 and more relating errors, check out the list below!

Desktop Gold FAQs

Most Frequent Questions and Answers

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